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When is the best light for portraits? No. 2

Tonight I went out a bit later. About 1/2 and hour later. I walked to 4 different locations in close proximity to each other. Varying results again. The sun drops so fast. I suppose that should be taken into consideration when thinking out the plan. I also think that the amount of sunlight getting into my camera is causing it to struggle to focus?? An additional thought: baby’s are hungry, tired and not into sitting for portraits at golden hour. I will need more experiments. These are from tonight’s haul.

CLEM002 2014 10 03 CLEM003 2014 10 03


What time of evening is best for portraits?

Well last night I took my baby on an excursion (again!). The idea was to work out at exactly which point in the skythe sun would be best for evening portraits or at least how it differed as the light changed. I was looking for how it affected my camera and its settings and of course the composition. I started way too early. I had harsh sun, my camera struggled and the sun flare was crazy intense. I managed to semi salvage a few photos. These are a couple.

2014 08 31 CLEM002 CLEM001 2014 10 02

I will try again tonight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: humanity

What makes us human? To me it is the emotions that we feel and the way we convey them to others. That is why I decided to focus on portraits. I love to freeze those beautiful reactions in time. From my perspective, the more you can connect to and feel the emotion you are viewing in my images, the more I feel I have been successful in my job.

2014 09 12 CLEM001┬áBy the way, the secret to success with kids aged 3 onward is to just say….. bottom

Happy New Year!

For Christmas I received a macro lens. My New Years Resolution is to learn to use it…hopefully, eventually well.

In January I will be posting some macro photos as I take them. I imagine they won’t be perfect. I have already found the shallow DOF a challenge. It seems that without a macro specific flash I am struggling to get enough light to get the depth needed to focus on an entire object. Until I work that one out and put together a dodgy homemade reflector for my flash, I will just have to try to focus on parts of things. The light issue also means that even the images I think look sharp are in fact blurry on close inpection.

Sharpness = my ongoing obsession

Nothing gets past the macro lens! This fly tried, but only managed to make its wings look beautiful.
Nothing gets past the macro lens! This fly tried, but only managed to make its wings look beautiful.

The 25 Days of Christmas: 10. silver

I loved the light coming through this bauble.

If you want to join in the challenge there is still time. You can find The Christmas List here.