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Stills of Summer 3

the view back to the shore from Brighton Jetty in Adelaide, South Australia
the view back to the shore from Brighton Jetty in Adelaide, South Australia

The view back to the shore was nearly as good as the jetty jumpers.



Macro Series: Photo 2

The other day I was at home with the boys. They played in the front yard in the afternoon. While they did I took a few photos using my iPhone and a cheap macro attachment. This series are the photos I took.

This was one of those tiny, downy feathers you see sometimes on the cement. Sunlight on cement flecks does awesome Bokeh!!

The Final Shot

After all that concrete lying and nearly being trampled by a horse, the final photo didn’t quite turn out as I would have liked. Firstly there are people in the shot. If I had taken another shot with the same perspective I could have fixed it, but I didn’t. Noted and learned from. I wish I had held my nerve for slightly longer too. I thought the guy driving the tramway might think I was in the way so I tried to get out of the way before the hoof trod on my head.

Not too bad though. I changed it to a black and white shot to turn it into a sort of street photography feel. I felt it worked better with the people in the shot.


The Christmas List: 22. what Christmas means to me

Christmas means family to me. My family is the most important thing in my life. I love spending time with them and relaxing together. As holidays should be. I just snapped them, minus W who is already in bed, watching TV and playing. Who would have thought average could be so enjoyable? Yay for everyday life!


The Christmas List: 8. reflection

I was at a loss an hour ago about what to post for today’s photo. I could have interpreted it reflection on the year past, but I didn’t have time to get that deep and meaningful.

Instead my son wouldn’t go to sleep. He stayed up for a bit longer than usual so that he could see our Christmas lights that we turn on when it gets dark (about 8:30pm due to daylight saving time). Then I lit up some candles we have in our house and I asked him what he thought of our angel candle you can see inthe background. The heat from the candle flame makes the convection wheel spin like a windmill, moving the angels and casting a light on the wall. He looked and said he liked it. Then he asked me if that was a reflection in Garp’s bowl (Garp is his goldfish)? He looked confused after as I yelled “Yes!” and I ran from the room. “Are you OK Mummy?” he asked me? I replied that I was OK, but I needed to get the camera. Lucky for the eyes of a three year old!

Meet Garp.

8 reflection