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Macro Series: Photo 13

The other day my boys played in the front yard. I took my iphone and a cheap macro lens outside with them. These are the photos I took.

These two images were taken inside the kitchen after I saw the spider. I decided to experiment with lighting with a torch. Not too bad really considering what was used.

leaf ridge backlit with a torch
leaf ridge backlit with a torch
Leaf veins backlit with a torch
Leaf veins backlit with a torch

Weekly Photo Challenge: illumination

Here is my entry for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: illumination. All images were taken using an iPhone, $3 magnetic macro lens attachment, the leaf and flowers and a torch.

Cucumber plant leaf




Lettuce flower


I am… looking at long shadows

I sit here this morning out the front of my house eating breakfast. I came out here to try to soak up the sunlight and instead have realized that it is definitely Winter. The shadows are long and although the light is very bright my body struggles to feel any warmth from it. I am acutely aware of my poor, cold fingertips trying to hold a spoon. They had assumed a leisurely breakfast in the sun would be a pleasure. My breakfast cereal even has an unexpected visitor. My son is enjoying running around in the wind, flapping his arms, pretending to be a bird. I suppose that is what counts.


BLAM!!! Draw attention in composition

I just decided to check what the photography tips for composition Number 2 was (see below) – it can be found here in this list.

2. Draw attention to the subject. This can be done by simply getting closer, by using selective focus, by using color, by lighting just the subject, by framing the subject in a doorway or window, etc.

and I had taken a photo this morning after a windy night that fits the rule pretty well, so I have added it as my first No 2 composition photo.

A beautiful mess after the storm.

This Maple leaf stood out to me when I went out to get some photos of the front yard completely covered with leaves from the Cedar tree. We don’t own a Maple tree. I have no idea where it came from, but it ended up nestled amongst the begonias and certainly stood out as not belonging to our garden if nothing else!