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Lavender and a World Class Education

Totally unrelated to my lavender macro, I have been watching Sue and Felix on Creative Live today.

I have resisted using flash as much as possible until now because I don’t like how it looks. Seeing natural light recreated with artificial studio light has EXCITED ME! I can’t wait to get some time to try it out.

As a Mum with 3 young boys I only have free time really at night and to be able to shoot then would be a blessing. I am looking forward to exploring it further. Creative Live has opened up a world of education opportunity for me. I have no possibility of getting out, but I can have it going while I watch the boys play or play with my baby. I said to my family earlier tonight that I didn’t like technology, but really it not only is the foundation of my passion for photography, it allows me, a suburban Mum in Adelaide, Australia to take part in a world class education that I could not otherwise access or afford.


2014 05 15 lavender


Look what I found in my garden!

I love macro photography. I don’t have a macro lens…well I do have a $3 macro lens I put on my iPhone and its quite effective at achieving a certain look if your very careful, but I dream of the day I can get a macro lens. I could spend HOURS in my garden and, well, anywhere really. I think I could conceivably do an entire month of post a day macro shots standing in my yard. This shot was a crop using a normal lens on my DSLR. Cropping will have to do for now.

I found this little guy who looks all innocent until you see the bee that is bigger than he is being…well we won’t speak of it. Just LOOK!!

spider and bee spider and bee 2