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An Unexpected Stop

Sometimes the most fun is had when you least expect it. Like when you have to stop your car and explore out of the way places due to bad traffic and weather. They had so much fun.

2014 10 12 CLEM001 boys running Emmett & Dad


Mount Lofty, Adelaide, South Australia

I stood waiting for the sun to set. As it did my fingers froze and the sunset was not outstanding. A few images salvaged. Ironically, the yellow of the sun reminds me of the fire that waited for me at home.

2014 08 04 MTLO001 2014 08 04 MTLO002

The Forest

After a bigger than Ben Hur effort to get our boys in the car. We followed the fog so that “Mummy could take photos” to use as possible backgrounds for future conceptual works. These two photos have been put in the vault.

Mt Crawford 005Mt Crawford 004

There were a few others I took once I got there with my macro lens. So much to photograph not enough time!

Mt Crawford 001 Mt Crawford 002 Mt Crawford 003

I also saw a great photo location waiting to happen. I couldn’t stop because my baby was asleep. I don’t care how good the photo is, if the baby is sleeping then I am going to suck it up and move on. But next time there is heavy fog where I live (hardly ever) I am going there kidless and taking the shot.

Australian Summer: Bushfires

Well, we are on fire again. Not in that good way, as in “you’re on fire!”, but in that literal way. That way isn’t good.

My husband and I were out driving yesterday after a night of lightning storms. We stopped at Lake Bonney in Barmera in South Australia to take a few photos of the bushfire not far away.

There are numerous bushfires across SA at the moment. The extreme high temperatures seem to have set the country alight…again.

If you live in an area prone to bushfires it is important to have a bushfire plan. Changing your plans at the last minute can be fatal, so make a decision early and stick to it. Listen to the local emergency radio station for updates and advice on a battery powered device. If you are unsure about your plan perhaps take it to visit your local fire station and ask their opinion on its effectiveness.

Stay safe. My thoughts are with the people in the fire affected areas and those who volunteer to risk their lives defending them.



Ideally, don’t leave your dog tethered to a jetty with no water in extreme temperatures while you are swimming.


Weekly Photo Challenge: window

Out looking for interesting windows. Here is what I found.

It was found here. A bird hide in a local lagoon.

I also found a very high window.

In the local wheat silos.

What did we do before phone cameras?!
I found some other interesting things that weren’t windows so I will post them over the next few days separately.

The 25 Days of Christmas: 19. shadow

The setting sun causes long shadows. Often that isn’t great in photography, but you have to make it work if that’s what you have. Honk.