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FINAL July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 31. ‘I sew’

It is the last day of July! Therefore this is the last red photo I will be posting for a while. Unless of course it happens to be incidental.

For those of you who follow this page for the photos, you are probably a bit miffed when occasionally you get a post about something I have made. I am not a photographer. I am just a mum who likes to challenge herself and photography does that, so does sewing.

In honor of the London Olympics I decided to make my son some pants to wear. He loved the pirate pyjama pants I made so much he wanted to wear them all the time…out of the house. So I thought I had better make him something interesting… and not flannel.

So while I was sewing I was thinking about my July challenge and realised I was surrounded by red.

I will be moving on to A is for August. I have decided to do a double challenge which I will continue to follow for the rest of the year! The WordPress postaday themes. So for August I will be trying where possible to combine my alphabet shot with the theme given by wordpress. WOW! It is starting to get complicated! Until my challenge is how to work a DSLR camera I need to up the difficulty level. And in honor of the Olympic games its got to get harder. If elite athletes can push themselves to attain that level of perfection by challenging themselves repeatedly then I can at least give it a go. No one ever improved by not trying.


July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 29. ‘the letterbox’

Some people have very interesting letterboxes. They range from beautiful to hideous, uniteresting to fascinating and useful to useless.

This one was interesting, somewhere heading toward hideous, but useful…and really, I guess that is what counts.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 28. ‘self portrait’


It’s excursion day! We have woken up to heavy fog and rain…of course. I popped outside to try to get a photo of the mist sitting over the hills. Didn’t work, it was through powerlines, over houses and with no zoom.

But I decided to take a photo of the rain on our car, which turned into an early morning self portrait.

How is this red? The iPhone I use to take all of my photos is red.

…now to go adventuring in the rain.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 27. ‘face the day’


Before I had kids I spent ages making sure I looked ok before I left the house. Now I don’t bother to change if I have vomit on me. BUT I did promise myself that I would keep on putting makeup on to retain some part of me from before that was purely about me. Makeup + vomit = a complete waste of time, but its the ritual.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 25. ‘texture’

This was the first rug we wrapped our eldest son E in. In hindsight it was a mistake because all the photos of him on that day are focused on the blanket. The bold design competes with him in the photos and they should be solely about him. I did learn my lesson and opted for something more subtle second time around. Lesson learned. Actually I think it is a good photography/composition lesson: do you want the photo to be about the prop you use? I think the photo should have a subject and my personal opinion is that you want the subject (at least in some of your newborn photos) to be about the newborn. A photo that is about the brightly coloured tutu that a baby is wearing has a place, but you will be looking at the tutu and I guess you would need a fairly captivating face to balance it.

Just my thoughts, nothing to back that up…just thinking.

And yes, i do see the fluff on the blanket and am aware it is competing for your attention. I should call this photo ‘Fluff on a blanket’ haha.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 24. ‘capsicum seeds’

Call it capsicum or pepper. It is red.


Wow! Coming up to the end of July. I can’t believe I have managed to find a red related photo for the entire month!

I will be looking for ideas for August. Any suggestions would be welcome.

I will have a break from the colour series and continue the next month of colour in September.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 22. ‘sand in my pocket’

On our recent trip to the beach (in Winter mind you) my son E immediately lay on the ground and did a sand angel. The result of playing on the beach for an hour was a pocket full of sand and a healthy coating all over to boot. I love that he has no concept of what he “should” do. Sometimes I have to stop myself before I say “No” out of habit and assess whether there is really a valid reason to stop him.

I am… suprisingly unphased at the idea of that going into the car?!!