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I went walking. What did you see?

I went walking.
What did you see?


I saw graffiti carved in a tree.

Mem Fox anyone??


Macro Series: Photo 2

The other day I was at home with the boys. They played in the front yard in the afternoon. While they did I took a few photos using my iPhone and a cheap macro attachment. This series are the photos I took.

This was one of those tiny, downy feathers you see sometimes on the cement. Sunlight on cement flecks does awesome Bokeh!!

October Photo Challenge: 11. close up

You don’t have to ask me twice.

As it is pouring with rain this morning I have ventured outside to my front doorstep and have found some close ups of the snapdragons in my pots. They featured in my Weekly Photo Challenge of happy, but not this close. I also included a photo of our plastic jack’o’lantern. Why is it plastic? Last year the cost of an actual pumpkin in Australia was about $22. I am not spending $22 on a pumpkin. This year I have saved a pumpkin I bought from a grower in the country for $1.50 and am using plastic tealight holders in the shape of a pumpkin instead.

Macro Month: Day 29

This was found on the beach in Western Australia by my parents and brought home for my son E. You can see the result of being in the sandpit as the crowning glory of a sandcastle all over it. You can’t go wrong with macro. Perhaps it is just me, but I think that seeing different coloured grains of sand so clearly is fabulous.

Macro Month: Day 25

These beautifully colourful flowers are Gazanias. They are native to Southern Africa, but grow like weeds on the sides of the roads in country South Australia. I must say that if we must have weeds, I am glad they are so colourful. They make the roadsides beautiful! I got a bit carried away with photographs and I couldn’t pick just one (or two, or three) so here are a lot of photos of Gazanias!