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The Final Shot

After all that concrete lying and nearly being trampled by a horse, the final photo didn’t quite turn out as I would have liked. Firstly there are people in the shot. If I had taken another shot with the same perspective I could have fixed it, but I didn’t. Noted and learned from. I wish I had held my nerve for slightly longer too. I thought the guy driving the tramway might think I was in the way so I tried to get out of the way before the hoof trod on my head.

Not too bad though. I changed it to a black and white shot to turn it into a sort of street photography feel. I felt it worked better with the people in the shot.



Riding crop? I’d rather crop in Photoshop

After coming home from my adventure today I realized that cropping (particularly if you are using a camera and not an iPhone with not great quality pictures in the first place) is essential. Particularly, I assume, for less experienced photographers like myself who don’t get it right immediately.

I wanted to share an example of the horse photo I took in my previous post and show the original to compare. Sometimes you can find a great photo (at least I like this one) in amongst the mess. It is the same as the yellow umbrella photo from the other day. I would be lost without it!


From this


I think, for myself at least, exploring all of the photos I have taken before dismissing them as terrible is really important. I nearly missed a little gem.