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Macro Month: Day 19



Today’s macro shots are of things that provide little or no interest normally. The first is the very tiny flower of a weed that was growing in my garden. Its is one of those trailing weeds that are tiny, but get into everything. The second is a photo of the leaves on one of my petunias. I am not a huge fan of petunias. The flowers are floppy and never seem to last long and I think they are even less attractive without flowers. When I took the photo I was happy to find a point of interest. They are incredibly HAIRY! I can appreciate them for that. What’s more I am sure that the hairs have some function that I would find fascinating if I knew it. Whether it is related to water or bugs, I have no idea and if I ever find a moment I will Google it, but I have no time now, I have Kindergym to go to and photos to take, edit and upload. Petunia hair functions come below those on my list of priorities so they will have to wait.