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Macro Month: Day 6

When I took the photo of my snow pea flower earlier I saw the beginnings of what is referred to as ‘green candy’ in our house. Mainly because it is the only way we can get E to eat them, but the pod is called the ‘wrapper’. The wrapper is my favourite part and I was excited to see the start of what I consider to be the tastiest plant in the vegetable garden.

I love this photo because when I look at it I see a tiny, delicate beginning and when you look closely it is beautiful. It is nearly a shame I will be eating it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

As a final comment on growth I wanted to highlight myself. I started taking photos in May with my first photo challenge. I have been taking and blogging photos everyday in the last 3 and a half months to try to improve. The first photo I took was using the prompt peace. Here it is in all its glory.

Look at that photographic genius! haha

Here are a couple I took the other day with the same iphone.

They might not be perfect, but in my opinion they definitely show growth.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This is Cowboy Piggy Piggy. I got him from my bank. Although he was technically for kids I asked if I could have him and they must have thought I looked like I find saving difficult. As you can see Cowboy Piggy Piggy is completely empty. I thought if I put a coin in him then reasonably I should come back in 24hrs, take off his nose and money should come spilling out everywhere and I would be rich. Problem is he doesn’t! He must be defective.


G is for graffiti

I drive past this old abandoned shed weekly. It is in a rural setting and is so out of place. The colour is what draws me to it. I have been meaning to stop and take a photo of it for ages and G was the perfect excuse.

I was also thinking about the WordPress weekly photo challenge theme of growth. In an odd way the graffiti has contributed to the growth of the shed it adorns. It is clearly abandoned. Walls are falling down, the structure is decaying and left to itself it would fall down and eventually be forgotten. The graffiti has drawn the attention of hundreds if not thousands of passing motorists to it in effect giving it new life, a chance to become something…else.

I consider that to be growth. As much spiritual evolution as a building is capable of.

F is for fungus

The Weekly Photo Challenge is growth this week and I said I would try to combine my August Alphabet Challenge with the wordpress one at least once a week.

So here it is.

F is also for food. This particularly delicious fruit meringue pie was given to us when we dropped in on some friends. YUM!

It is also for flower. This one was found on some particularly interesting foliage.

I am…fascinated by F.