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Apple Salsa

Tonight’s experimental apple salsa tastes pretty good. I looked up a whole heap of apple salsa recipes and used a bit of everything.


2 small red delicious apples, diced
1 small yellow capsicum, diced
1 small green capsicum, diced
1/2 brown onion, diced
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 heaped tbsp almond flakes

In a bowl and mix.

1-2 tbsp lime juice and 1 heaped tsp of fruit sugar or approx 1tbsp of normal sugar until dissolved.

Pour over salsa and mix. Done.
We served it with pork sausages and bread BBQ style.


October Photo Challenge: 17. fruit

This is a very small pear. At least it is well on its way to becoming one.

These are our espelier fruit trees in our garden. We don’t have room to let them go, but I like them this way. Once their limbs have grown they will become works of art no matter the season.

If our apple blossom is anything to go by we should have some good apples this year…only we aren’t likely to. They are so young that most of the fruit will fall as the tree is unable to support them yet. Looking forward to the future harvest!

O is for orange

O has to be for orange doesn’t it?! I just happened to be standing near our fruit bowl while I was pondering today’s photo. I decided ‘something’ wanted me to photograph the obvious. I guess there is a challenge in that too. How to photograph objects considered not very interesting in interesting ways.

Anyway, here are my oranges. I think there is some sort of harmony here, it makes my eyes happy. That’s my general test, heheh.


Might go and eat my photo.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 24. ‘capsicum seeds’

Call it capsicum or pepper. It is red.


Wow! Coming up to the end of July. I can’t believe I have managed to find a red related photo for the entire month!

I will be looking for ideas for August. Any suggestions would be welcome.

I will have a break from the colour series and continue the next month of colour in September.