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Still practicing drawing attention to the subject

Well I am still in ‘trying to get attention to my subject’ mode. I have this photo I took. The framing thing I need MUCH more practise with! I like the concept of looking at gender difference just by seeing the way the 2 kids sit at the table. O was neat and ate nicely. E was wriggling and on the go! But the frame isn’t great and I tried making it B&W but E’s legs were too dark 😦 Might have a play with filters later for fun.


Also looked at “get in closer”. I like doing that with plants particularly because there is so much that is there we don’t see at a glance, but it’s hard to get a toddler to let you do that. After much reasoning I got him to stay still for half a second- just long enough to take this. I love it, but I am his Mum haha.