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October Photo Challenge: 20. 4o’clock

I was doing homework at 4 o’clock. These were the ones that I took closest to 4 o’clock.

I had to take a minute to photograph this road considering what I was doing. Educating myself in photography (motion photography today) is a journey.

Incredible colour from the tree I was standing under. All I had to do was take the time to look up.

Beauty where you might not think to find it. I loved the colour and texture.


October Photo Challenge: 19. letters

Halloween is coming up and although it should technically be celebrated in about 6 months from now in Australia, we are lucky if anyone celebrates it at all here! We are one of the few houses in our street that puts up decorations…any excuse for outlandish, festive, blow up paraphenalia! This year we have added a ghost my son aptly named Boo ghost to our front lawn. BOO in blow up letters.

October Photo Challenge: 18. made you smile today

I love seeing my boys show affection toward each other.  When W was born it took a while for E to show any interest in him whatsoever! So when I see them playing together, cuddling or sharing a private moment of comradery it makes me smile…and my heart melt…….and a strange maternal desire to cover them both with a million kisses. Too much bizarre information again? Sorry.

October Photo Challenge: 17. fruit

This is a very small pear. At least it is well on its way to becoming one.

These are our espelier fruit trees in our garden. We don’t have room to let them go, but I like them this way. Once their limbs have grown they will become works of art no matter the season.

If our apple blossom is anything to go by we should have some good apples this year…only we aren’t likely to. They are so young that most of the fruit will fall as the tree is unable to support them yet. Looking forward to the future harvest!

October Photo Challenge: 16. something you wrote

These rumpled up bits of paper have been with me for about half a decade now. I wrote a picture book about social construction and questioning why we do things while I was at University, only I have never got around to illustrating it. I really must bump that up my priority list. I think my eldest son would really like the book now.

October Photo Challenge: 15. Dinnertime

It has taken me a while between dinner and getting the photos on here, but here they are. Homemade burgers in all their glory. Incidentally I experimented with making a landscape from the fresh parsley my husband brought in from our garden. I had mixed the rest and I stuck the parsley sprigs into the mixture in a tree-like arrangement. Did I need to tell you how I entertain myself in strange ways? No. Sorry about that.


For anyone who wants a good burger recipe:

500g mince

1 chopped onion

1 egg

2 tablespoons dry cous cous

1 tablespoon tomato sauce

1 tablespoon wocestershire sauce

salt and pepper to taste

1 sprig of fresh parsley chopped

Handmix, form into burgers and fry or BBQ.

Takes approx how ever long it takes you to chop an onion and crack an egg. Not long. My kind of tea. No prep.


October Photo Challenge: 14. makes you laugh

Ooohhhhhrrrggggg bleauggghhhh (phoenetically speaking)

That was my first thought when I saw this prompt. What makes me laugh? That might not seem like a difficult question, but what makes me laugh that I can photograph….today……and isn’t my kids……..again!

My problem is this. Most of the things that make me laugh are situational. Moments make me laugh. Things people do. And often its the unexpected nature of the moment that I find funny. That’s great!… but really hard to photograph.

The only thing I could think to take a photograph of that was in my house was my favourite comedy. It all comes down to personal taste of course. This one makes me laugh every time. Ludicrous optimism. That’s how i roll.

October Photo Challenge: 13. landscape

This is where I was today. We went for an excursion to Meningie at the mouth of the River Murray in South Australia. We decided to go for a drive to Murrang which is a tiny place (so small I couldn’t see the place), but it has a beautifully green camping ground right near the strangest ferry crossing. On the other side was a lighthouse.

We decided to cross and I laughed so hard that the ferry woman had obviously been posted to this ferry due to her terrible people skills. When we arrived she was on the phone and smoking a cigarette. She opened the gate to the ferry without lifting an eye, continuing her conversation and still smoking like a train. As we boarded the ferry we tried to make eye contact with her to give her a friendly wave (as we do anytime we cross on a ferry). She barely made eye contact and gave us a look that indicated that we were an interruption to her day. I was actually most impressed by her multi tasking skills. As we left she was still on the phone and hadn’t broken stride once. Perhaps you had to be there but that was the thing, in this place there was earily no people but us and the ferry lady with no people skills. Little wonder really.

We stopped so that E and R could run through the field of hay bales.

Although it was supposed to be for E’s benefit, I think R secretly did it more for him. He enjoyed it more.

October Photo Challenge: 12. on the table

You know those stay at home mums who keep an immaculate house and give their kids educational activities to develop them? I am not that Mum. When I saw the prompt for today’s photo ‘on the table’ I thought about cleaning it up. But I think half of the reason so many of us feel inadequate is because we compare ourselves to the public face that people show. I could of cleaned up my table and shown you a lovely bowl of flowers (cue groaning from those of you who are sick to death of flower photos), but it only looks that way on rare occasions when I am trying to impress people. Most of the time it is a storage hub for the goings on from the day. Craft bits, things I find on the floor and need to get away from the hungry jaws of a 1 year old who will eat anything (except what he is supposed to!), food related things, tissues, you name it, it may be there if you look under something.

So here are a few photos of my table the way it was when I read the prompt. I personally think it is more of a compliment to show people the way you truly live, after all it shows that you don’t feel the need to pretend with them. I am and my table is.

This one is my sons’ craft table. We were making Halloween decorations today. He likes cutting things with his plastic scissors. Give him paper and you will find it everywhere. He loves it though. Worth it I reckon.

October Photo Challenge: 11. close up

You don’t have to ask me twice.

As it is pouring with rain this morning I have ventured outside to my front doorstep and have found some close ups of the snapdragons in my pots. They featured in my Weekly Photo Challenge of happy, but not this close. I also included a photo of our plastic jack’o’lantern. Why is it plastic? Last year the cost of an actual pumpkin in Australia was about $22. I am not spending $22 on a pumpkin. This year I have saved a pumpkin I bought from a grower in the country for $1.50 and am using plastic tealight holders in the shape of a pumpkin instead.