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F is for fungus

The Weekly Photo Challenge is growth this week and I said I would try to combine my August Alphabet Challenge with the wordpress one at least once a week.

So here it is.

F is also for food. This particularly delicious fruit meringue pie was given to us when we dropped in on some friends. YUM!

It is also for flower. This one was found on some particularly interesting foliage.

I am…fascinated by F.


Here comes the Sun!

Just as I was lamenting that I could not do what I wanted with my blog layout, I have finally found a page layout I am happy with!  I am staying with WordPress!

The universe seems to be feeling my joy with two lovely days in a row and I just had to take a photo of the bees in my backyard enjoying a yellow flower. I am less sure that the bees were impressed when I (having no ability to zoom on an iphone) had to stick my hand right next to them while they ate.

I am… enjoying the sun!

I am… enjoying the long weekend away

My husband is a teacher. This weekend he had to write school reports which is always very hard for him with two little people that want his attention more often than not. So I took them away to Waikerie in the Riverland. I couldn’t take many photos because my iPhone was going flat and I had forgot my charger, but today I knew I was coming home and only needed enough charge for an emergency call in case of disaster so I took a few before I left. I really noticed that some sort of zoom lense would have been useful, but I never get sick of the back of my son’s head and you don’t need to zoom on that, heheh.

I also put in another photo of W sitting. I had a closer look and I loved it.

I am… finding beauty in unexpected places

I was walking through the part of our backyard we haven’t yet got around to renovating today showing W things to keep him entertained. It looks like this.


I got a bit excited when something caught my eye, so I left W with Dad and ran for the camera! (well, iPhone technically a camera phone)

Initially I had wanted to use this as a composition thing. The flower was the subject and the story was supposed to be of the flower searching for warmth in the cold.


Then I noticed this. It didn’t fit with the composition I was trying to find, but I liked that it worked with the focus either way and the one with the flowers in focus is one of my favourite photos that I have taken so far.



Funny how you see things when you’re not looking for them. Happy.

Too beautiful to drink

R and I decided to try a special type of tea for our nightly cup this evening. Bought from China, White or Green tea leaves are hand sewn along with a blooming flower into a ball. You put the ball into the hot water and watch it flower. They are so beautiful it seems a shame to drink them. I continue to sit here looking at it. I will update with the flavour of the tea when I can bring myself to destroy the tea.


Haha notice the stickers on the bottom of the glasses? We never drink wine, they have been broken out for tea for the first time.




We just had our flowering tea. I think it had great possibilities. We over steeped it wanting to see what would happen to the flower which resulted in a bitter taste. I think if it was steeped correctly it would have a delicate white tea taste that would suit the floral display perfectly. I will have to experiment with these again.

I am… looking more closely at my backyard

While W had his morning nap, R, E & myself went out into our backyard for a cup of tea. R & E practically inhaled theirs as usual and not idle by nature, decided to go off composting leaving me to finish my cup of tea alone and ponder what to do next.

While checking my email on my iphone I looked up and noticed the pattern the moss growing on the roof tiles made and then I noticed a water droplet hanging from a succulent. I decided to grab my ‘professional photographer’s’ hat and equipment (my iphone – haha) and it turned into a photography session.

Here are a few of the pictures I took this morning.