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Portraits with flash

I am at the beginning of my journey to learn how to use flash to light my photos in a way that I am happy with. That is so that it doesn’t look like flash unless I want it to. So I started in the backyard this evening as the sun got low with my sons. The light is pretty flat. I am confident if I had a subject that would stand still and look at the camera for more than 2 seconds I could set up something better than this, but it was a start. The blog is about the journey after all. This is the beginning.

BLOG E flash portrait

BLOG W flash portrait


Much of a muchness? a self portrait conundrum

I wore my hair down today. “So?” I hear you say. I haven’t worn my hair down since W was born. So I decided to take a photo and then I decided to play with the flash. I didn’t mind the results, but when I asked R which shot he preferred he couldn’t say. I couldn’t either. So I thought I would post them both. Its a narcissistic, self indulgent venture, but if you have a preference and you can tell me WHY I’d appreciate the feedback. Sometimes I find it hard to pinpoint what it is that I like in a photo. It bugs me.