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Homework Lesson 1, Part 1 – aperture

Homework for lesson 1 is two fold. The first part is to take the same(ish) photo with the lowest f-stop value available and then again with a high value. It is supposed to contrast the difference in the area that is in focus. Taking a photo of a fence was suggested. I was out photographing Boo ghost and decided to use the cedar berries all over my yard. Pretty basic.

Lower f-stop value = more blur

Higher f-stop value = less blur

The second part of the homework seems more challenging to me. We are to take another set of two contrasting shots using the shutter speed as the variation. The teacher suggested we try to get a background blur with a focused subject by panning the camera with the subject. The idea is to capture the ‘motion’. I don’t have any equipment other than the camera and I am assuming that panning at the correct rate without getting blur from my hand shaking is going to be hard (near impossible??) so I am putting it off. Any suggestions to help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!