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Super Cute and a bit Shocked!

I think there might have to be some flexibility when it comes to working with kids. Babies especially are so bewildered by the break in routine when they are brought out for photos at tea/dinner time or bath time or worse bed time! I love the wide eyed wonder. Anyone know any good jokes for babies?

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Photographing the Impossible: Macros of a 4 year old using a clip on lens on Galaxy S4

I challenge you to try to take a macro shot of a 4 year old’s eye using a clip on lens with a smart phone. Only then can you fully appreciate these photos.

Me: “Stand still.”
E: “OK, Mum.”
Followed by every conceivable wiggle, twitch, move, jump, blink, question, etc, etc…




Ah, those eyelashes. So long. So beautiful. Delicate freckles. Maybe its just me. I am mum first after all.

Before my human family there was and still is S.

Long before I met my husband and I had my children I made my own little family. This is S. She has a heart condition and is much older than she was ever expected to be. Isn’t she beautiful? Her quiet, gentle nature is tested by my boys who are the antithesis of her. I suspect the look on her face is something to do with that? Poor S, she just wants to lie in the sun and soak up the warmth in peace.


Still practicing drawing attention to the subject

Well I am still in ‘trying to get attention to my subject’ mode. I have this photo I took. The framing thing I need MUCH more practise with! I like the concept of looking at gender difference just by seeing the way the 2 kids sit at the table. O was neat and ate nicely. E was wriggling and on the go! But the frame isn’t great and I tried making it B&W but E’s legs were too dark 😦 Might have a play with filters later for fun.


Also looked at “get in closer”. I like doing that with plants particularly because there is so much that is there we don’t see at a glance, but it’s hard to get a toddler to let you do that. After much reasoning I got him to stay still for half a second- just long enough to take this. I love it, but I am his Mum haha.