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The Christmas List: 6. family

6 family

My family this morning. Love them to bits.



Everyday Life: It COULD be air…technically?!

I was taking photos of my family this afternoon and felt like I wanted to share this one. I liked something in the composition. Not sure what. Obviously my son’s great big eyes are a plus and I like the quirkiness of whatever it is he is doing with his tongue there?!, but the frame just feels right to me. Sometimes I get that feeling and can’t put my finger on why. I suppose as I get better at photography and learn more about composition I will be able to put an answer to the whys more often. And it does technically fit the Elemental November theme of air…W is in the background swinging through the… (giant mental leap and slight brain fuzziness needed to include photo, just go with it OK?)

Elemental November: Air

A man and his kite.

I loved how casual he was about his kite flying. I can never get kites to stay off the ground for longer than a couple of minutes, but he could stand there and ponder the ocean while it hovered above him.

October Photo Challenge: 25. people

and its NOT my family!…mainly

The gigantic octopus kite was a show stopper.

I love this photo for all the mini stories going on. If you look closely there are people doing all sorts of things.

These 3 men who were flying the kite had the unappealing job of trying to pack it away.

I loved taking a photo of these people taking a family photo at the beach. It was quite an event.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Scenes from my everyday life.

I am lucky as a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) that I have the flexibility to take my kids on adventures or mini holidays in different places. I get bored just staying at home (I am about as far from a domestic goddess that you could possibly get) so I tend to find excursions to go on and my husband is the same so we often go of ‘adventuring’ on weekends. While we were out working on our echoes bouncing off the cliff on the other side of the river a man who was out for his exercise in a canoe came into view. After I nearly jumped up and down like a little kid with excitement at the possibility of taking his photo I composed myself and the image and took a few shots. The river was flowing so fast I found it hard to keep up. I don’t think he was expecting the paparazzi on the riverbank!

Out for some exercise on the river. I can’t think of a much better way to exercise, although with the strength of the current I bet he was glad he wasn’t trying to go the other way!
E was yelling his echoes at the cliff on the other side of the river. What does a 2 year old yell at a cliff? He was yelling the lyrics to Pearl Jam’s song Fixer! That is his Dad’s doing. As his favourite band, he has somehow managed to get E to be obssessed with Pearl Jam (and Michael Franti as well).
Everyday life for the river birds. Sitting on a stick looks pretty relaxing. According my my husband the funniest part of this image was watching me ‘sneak’ up on them to get the shot. Think of an elephant trying to imitate a sugar plum fairy. Tip toe, trip over, slight swearing underbreath, check camera is OK, remember the birds, look up to make sure they are still there, resume tip toeing like a ninja! I DID get to them without them leaving. This was taken after I made a noise ON PURPOSE to get them to fly. Woohoo!
This is part of MY everyday life. Looking at that face daily makes my heart sing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Photos of everyday life are generally appealing to me in one of two ways. First, there are photos, often black and white images, that depict gritty inner city existence. Things that would not necessarily be enjoyable to DO, but are visually beautiful. The other kind of images are those depicting situations in everyday life that I am drawn to personally in that they are things that I would like to do or places I would like to be.

I am prone to relaxing. I may have been a cat in a former life because I can happily remain stationary in pleasant settings and just watch the world go by. If there was a job of world watcher that required you to just keep an eye on things making sure that the world hadn’t stopped existing I think I would be the primary candidate for the job.

So, I have taken several photos of everyday life that appeal to me in that they are of people relaxing.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across these three gentlemen lined up along the outside of the pub drinking. The pub was located at the main (and only) intersection of the town. The shot is taken through our dirty car windscreen pulled over at an intersection so I appologise for the less than perfect quality.
I jumped out of the car and asked these men if they minded me taking their photo (Something I would never have done without my husband’s encouragement. Why is it so confronting asking if they mind?? I don’t know what I think they are going to say? They rarely do!). They looked perplexed, but said “No worries!” I told them to pretend I wasn’t there…
…someone couldn’t quite contain their curiosity at the strange woman with the camera who appeared out of nowhere to photograph their afternoon!

I am…loving the expression on that boy’s face! Priceless.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

I have just seen this week’s topic for the Weekly Photo Challenge and can’t believe it, I appear to have peaked a bit early! Last week I posted a series of photos of people doing their thing on a jetty at the river so I am going to post them again for the challenge.