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The Christmas Pagent

I took my kids to the Christmas Pagent in the small town where I grew up in rural South Australia this evening. They loved it and so did my husband and I. Not only do you have a very personal, friendly Christmas pagent experience, but I got to take along my camera and take some photos of something other than my backyard! I will be posting some of the photos I took in the coming days. If you want to see the others I have already posted them on my facebook page found here.

Here come the clowns.

clown conference clown prose clown


Bringing Home Baby

The newest member of our family has arrived!


Happy to be home introducing him to his brothers and getting aquainted.

Gestational diabetes is gone, but I am planning to try to continue to eat better. I have eaten several ‘normal’ foods in the past few days and can’t believe the overpowering taste of sugar!