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Elemental November: Air

Trying to capture the essence of the breeze


November Photo Challenge: Elemental November, Week 1 is EARTH

Elemental November will be broken into 4 weeks of seven days starting Thursdays. November is my chill out month so I am not doing photos every day, just whenever I have something I like.

This is earth.


If you are joining me for Elemental November, I’d love to see your earth photos. You can either leave a link to them in the comments or tag your photos #elementalnovember.

November is coming: What to do for the next challenge?

The months seem to be going by faster and faster at this time of the year. November is already nearly here and so I need another photo challenge! I can’t say I have been that impressed with my efforts this month. I think I enjoyed the May photo challenge more. Perhaps it was because I had done it before and so I was less inspired?

Anyway, I think before I challenge myself fully with my December Photo Challenge, The Christmas List, I need to have a chilled out, flexible month. So I have decided to make it Elemental November. For each week in November I will be taking photos of each of the elements. Week 1: Earth, Week 2: Air, Week 3: Fire & Week 4: Water. And I will take a weekend break for the remaining two days before December starts and the silly season is upon us!

If you want to join in you can. Take as many or as few photos as you like. Tag your photos #elementalnovember so I (and anyone else who is interested) can find them and you can leave a link in the comments to your photos. I would love to see them.