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Looking beyond the shadows: before and after photos


lying on a bench before
Here is the before image.


I thought in keeping with the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge of beyond I would have a look at an image I took a while ago.

I liked the concept, but it never worked. The photo was taken in harsh light and was shadowy. In the shadows at the back was a man lying on a bench in the botanic gardens. The lines lead straight up to him, but the shadows were too dark.

I decided to look beyond the original image and edit it to make it work the best it could.

I don’t often show the before, but here it is in all its glory.

It isn’t perfect, but you can see him now!!





lying on a bench


My Brother Reworked?!

I decided that my brother was just too dark and therefore subtle in the original photos. I liked it that way because you had to look closely to see much of interest in the photos, but most people don’t stop to look. Our society demands that somethings grabs our attention and holds it. These probably don’t do that exactly, but I am particularly fond of the single image.

nick christmas portrait brighter

nick 3 christmas portrait