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Birds, Birds, Birds (Part 2)

I said that I had taken quite a lot of bird photos recently and then I got sidetracked and never got to posting the second part. So here they are.

duck b&w
This duck paid me no attention despite being right in front of me.
duck bottom up
I love this photo.I took quite a few to get the one I wanted, but I really like the clear space between his foot at the water. It seems to make it look like he is more enthusiastic about his task…which he was!
duck front
Don’t look now, but there is a duck staring right at me.
karate duck
Kung-fu duck pose.


Birds Birds Birds

When I look at the images I have taken over the past few weeks there seem to be a lot of birds?! Get ready for a few bird posts. Everybody likes birds right?

This photo was taken while my family was running around on the banks of the river after an impromptu picnic. I always take thos moments to photograph anything and everything. I don’t much care what it is, its more to practise exposure, and settings. If I manage to capture something interesting its a bonus really.
duck feathers
I am enamoured with the texture of the feathers in this photo. I want to reach my fingers out and run them through the feathers to feel the softness. It is funny really, to look at these ducks at a distance they son’t appear to be remarkable in their beauty although I quite like the gentleness in their face, but up close you see so much more going on. I defy anyone who says that the gentle lines and texture in this duck’s feathers are not beautiful.
Not generally a pigeon fan, but I love the character of this little guy’s face. Yay for the detail revealed in extreme closeups! I can’t understand why everyone in the world isn’t obsessed with photographing EVERYTHING, haha.