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October Photo Challenge: 20. 4o’clock

I was doing homework at 4 o’clock. These were the ones that I took closest to 4 o’clock.

I had to take a minute to photograph this road considering what I was doing. Educating myself in photography (motion photography today) is a journey.

Incredible colour from the tree I was standing under. All I had to do was take the time to look up.

Beauty where you might not think to find it. I loved the colour and texture.


October Photo Challenge: 7. light

I took these this morning. There is something special to me about the morning light. Perhaps it feels ‘clean’ somehow, like the day hasn’t yet been tarnished by life’s goings on.

We have a tradition in our home to plant the traditional Wedding Anniversary flower in our garden as we reach our anniversary. The cosmos have thin, delicate petals and the sunlight lit it up. I noticed it this morning when I woke up. I looked out of my bedroom window and it was highlighted by the morning sun.

Our front door. I took this on a whim coming back inside after photographing the flower. The sunlight transformed it (at least in my eyes) into something beautiful.

Photography: Instagram

I don’t use Instagram as much as some people, but if I’m messing around for fun I do post some photos. Its usually ones that weren’t good enough and I hope that the filters will help somehow. The results are varied. I thought these turned out fairly well.


Industrial warehouses at the docks at Largs Bay.


The Pub at Largs Bay has really interesting architecture, especially for a Pub?!


You can find the images here via Instagram.