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The 25 Days of Christmas: 25. celebrate

This was not taken today. I am off celebrating. Merry Christmas!

celebrate-christmas-crackers celebrate-christmas-crackers-blow


The 25 Days of Christmas: 19. shadow

The setting sun causes long shadows. Often that isn’t great in photography, but you have to make it work if that’s what you have. Honk.


The 25 Days of Christmas: 11. hope

The antithesis of…

Believe it or not this little gem was found written beside the front door of THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET!

I would love to know the backstory. For now I will have to imagine some sort of elaborate suspense/horror story happening right across the road. We should be in a movie.


The following photo was taken approximately 1 minute after the first. Not more than 20 metres away.


There is still hope.

The 25 Days of Christmas: 10. silver

I loved the light coming through this bauble.

If you want to join in the challenge there is still time. You can find The Christmas List here.


The 25 Days of Christmas: 9. Giving

I nearly didn’t get to it! What a day. I had this image in my mind this morning and only managed just now to nip out at snap it with my phone. Thank goodness for Snapseed.