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Macro Month: Day 17

I love that a macro lens can highlight the texture of the petals on a daisy.


X is for xylem

X is for xylem.

No, I didn’t make it up. It refers to the woody part of a plant, in this case a daisy. I found it was pretty difficult to get an inspiring photo of the middle of a daisy bush. There is a LOT of woody plant under the beautiful outside. The inside…not so much. So I decided to um…trim the daisy and poke part of it back in backward. In the interest of not harming any daisy bushes in the making of this photo I have replanted it and it will make a new daisy.

X is also for xanthic. It is a botanical term refering to a yellowish colour.

Our neighbours house has a huge cactus in the garden surrounded by some sort of lemon smelling thing. From what I can work out the neighbour has not set foot in the garden since the house was bought over 5 years ago. So when I walked into the front garden behind the fence and started taking photos I felt fairly confident that it was not a big deal and that I would not be discovered. I often pick the lemon smelling thing and put it on my dining table as it has an amazing lemony smell that permiates my house. I love it. It grows like a weed which is probably why it has survived in his garden, but I won’t be planting it in mine. I don’t need to, I have a ready supply across the road.

Anyway, the point of that was that the cactus has gone yellow this winter. It has been cold and I don’t think cactus are fond of that.

And just to be too clever for my own good I decided to combine xylem from the lemon thing and xanthic from both plants (neither are particularly happy). Take that X! Unfortunately I finished it up with a less than inspiring photo, but still.

And finally for your interest in the letter X (I know you are enthralled), Xanthippe. This is a shrewish or ill tempered woman, which is how I have been this morning after being woken up all night by W who is sick and E who is having nightmares. I’ll spare you a photo.