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A Story of Emily

Some of the others photos I took with Emily. As an experiment it was fairly successful. She came for about 3 and  a half hours although I think at least an hour was taken up by me trying to set up the lights. Actually it was the Godox octagonal softbox. I would never be able to construct that thing or deconstruct it without help. I am not strong enough. Perhaps there is a better method than I used but it was like an awkward tent. Until I can afford one that just pops up umbrella style it makes good light!

2014 07 27 HUDS003 2014 07 27 HUDS004 2014 07 27 HUDS005 2014 07 27 HUDS009 2014 07 27 HUDS010 2014 07 27 HUDS011

2014 07 27 HUDS008


The Before and After

I did it. A friend of mine was VERY KIND and acted as a guinea pig for me. She bravely left the house without any makeup, let me photograph her au natural and then I attempted my first portrait shoot with the whole makeup thing. I was fairly happy with the results under the circumstances. I didn’t have much to use as background variations and I had a few issues with focus. My camera doesn’t do well over 800ISO so I was limited with my settings, but I think it worked out well. And the thing I loved the most was how happy she was with her photos. She looked fabulous. I think I could get addicted to the feeling of helping people feel great about themselves. What a great way to spend your time.