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Macro Series: Photo 1

Yesterday I was at home with the boys. They played in the front yard in the afternoon. While they did I took a few photos using my iPhone and a cheap macro attachment. This series are the photos I took.

A tiny clover sitting under our bench.


S is for swim

S is for swim.

This was a safe swim for W through a backyard full of clover that was nearly higher than he was. There is something about the composition I like. The green sea around him and the shot of the top of his head. It’s definitely not a perfect photo. Not really even a great photo. It’s probably that as the mother you always are looking at the top or back of their head. I love to look at the direction his hair is growing. It swirls around like a crop circle! Haha, I think that is enough of an insight into my inner thought processes tonight. I hope you can enjoy the photo even if perhaps not in the same way I do.


S is also for sick boy sleeping and the mother that sleeps beside him to make sure he is safe.