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Weekly Photo Challenge: dialogue

Two images that speak to each other. A similar thread so that they contribute to the context of the other?

2014 08 31 CATE003
beautiful flowers a picturesque scene
2014 08 31 CATE002
Look closer and you will find them riddled with caterpillars. This one was particularly cute with his dusty pollen butt.

Travel Theme: Animals

All of these animal photos appeal to me because of the textures I see.

Hiss. Not sure what else to say except he is LOOKING AT ME!!!

A few of my other favourite animal photos. Sorry for any of you who have seen them before, The first is the image I use for the header of my page. Its a pelican (my favourite bird).

The second was the opening shot I did for my September Macro Month/Post a day Challenge. I found this little guy in my garden. Caterpillars aren’t generally welcome, but this photo got this one a stay of execution. Lucky him.

Good Morning September! It’s Macro Month – Day 1

I have woken up to a beautiful Spring day! The sun is shining. There is a gentle breeze. Interestingly we have had a quick Spring clean (first time I have ever done that!) and out into the garden to clean that one up too. It was a good thing we made that decision because that is where I met the subject of my first Macro Month shot. I don’t think he even minded having an iPhone put in his face. He quite happily continued on his way. Pretty sure I will have to go back and remove him from the garden, but he was given a few hours repreival in payment for his portrait. Thanks Mr Fuzzy.

Caterpillar taken with iPhone and $3 macro lens

All images in Macro Month will be taken with an iPhone and $3 macro lens.