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Weekly Photo Challenge: through my eyes

The world as it appeared to me standing by the jetty of Lake Bonney in Barmera, South Australia. I was using my camera phone but still trying to find the best perspective. What do you think? A, B, C or D?









Which appeals to you most?


October Photo Challenge: 21. calm

There wasn’t a lot of calm going on in our household today. We are reroofing our pergola so we had 4 adults and 2 children and stuff EVERYWHERE! At the end of the day (and plenty of other times on different days) I need one of these to keep me calm after the daily whirlwind that is my children. I drink chai tea religiously. I don’t think its what I drink that is important to me, but more the ritual of sitting down and having time to sit and think while doing nothing. I am pretty specific about that last part. Its best not to ask me to complete a task while the tea drinking is happening. The response will be politely terse, not calm.