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Photography: A few portraits of E

We can’t forget E. He is more elusive where photography is concerned. His favourite game is looking at me until I take a photo and turning away at the last minute. Hilarious E.

I love my boys toes. Little people feet are endlessly fascinating to a Mum.

This is E digging in my potplant. Precisely where he is NOT allowed to dig..and he knows it. Luckily for him in this instance Mum was more interested in working out her lens’ and manual settings so he got away with it. Don’t tell him I secretly think its kind of funny.

This is E ‘shaving’. I love his imagination.

I am…in love.

July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 5. ‘Two Fine Gentlemen’

I didn’t get anything worth using yesterday that was red so I thought I would use a couple more from Farmer’s Beach.

We are visiting my son’s best friend. They are loving it.


I am…looking for red today.