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A Story of Emily

Some of the others photos I took with Emily. As an experiment it was fairly successful. She came for about 3 and  a half hours although I think at least an hour was taken up by me trying to set up the lights. Actually it was the Godox octagonal softbox. I would never be able to construct that thing or deconstruct it without help. I am not strong enough. Perhaps there is a better method than I used but it was like an awkward tent. Until I can afford one that just pops up umbrella style it makes good light!

2014 07 27 HUDS003 2014 07 27 HUDS004 2014 07 27 HUDS005 2014 07 27 HUDS009 2014 07 27 HUDS010 2014 07 27 HUDS011

2014 07 27 HUDS008


Weekly Photo Challenge: inside

Yesterday I photographed a friend of mine outside in natural light to practise posing. She was a bit uncomfortable at the close up, plain face shots. So it was inside last night on photoshop that some ‘magic’ happened and the background got a bit more ‘interesting’. I love the result and as someone with a budget of exactly ZERO for backdrops it is quite handy.

Beautiful portrait

Over the Back Fence

Recently I have been outside enjoying the last days of Summer where I live in South Australia. I have been noticably absent, but I can’t appologise for it. I decided to tear myself away and come inside long enough to share with you one of the incredible sunsets that have been keeping me away from I AM.

Rays of light
Rays of light

A few more from the card

I have been taking quite a few photos in the last few days. I am visiting my parents so I have the chance to leave the kids with their Grandparents and go off for a few hours and take photos…uninterrupted! Instead of posting 50 photos at once and overloading (boring?!) you to death I will post a couple at a time when I get a chance.

These were all taken this evening at a place near Waikerie in the Riverland called Broken Cliffs. It is a treasure trove of fossils and my husband (who has a science background) loves going there to explore. I love going there to take photos! The cliffs are a yellow tone and in the evening sun they light up. Beautiful. These are a sunset series taken across the River Murray. This evenings photos were an improvement on last evenings too. I am happy with the progress I have made in working out exposure settings on the DSLR. Heading in the right direction.



May Photo Challenge – 31. something beautiful

Farewell May Photo Challenge, it has been fun and EYE OPENING! I had hoped to find the most beautiful place on my drive to Murray Bridge today and photograph it. It is still in my mind this photograph, a small cottage in a rural gumtree setting with smoke coming from the chimney and hovering around the ground in black and white. I will find you one day and photograph you!!!

Anyway, I did see many beautiful things on my drive…but my baby was asleep in the back and sacrifices had to be made, namely that I couldnt stop or he would wake up. Oh dear.

I decided it would be OK because I was going to the Murray River which is beautiful and there would be plenty of photo opportunities. When I got to the river front my OTHER son fell asleep AND the riverfront was…um uninspiring. Perhaps there is an outstanding river front there somewhere, but it was NOT where I was.

So I took a photo of the bridge which I thought had interesting lines.


Then I decided to find a playground to have lunch in Mt Barker on the way home and I did think these leaves were quite beautiful so I took a couple of shots.



I was getting desperate by now and decided to stop into Hougton on the way home thinking it is one of the most beautiful little places I know (I have SEEN mist sit in that valley). I found an old windmill, but couldn’t get into the field to photograph it properly. I ended up with this


and this,


Interesting, not particularly even good photos! Then I tried this thinking that it was a lovely building and colours.



The last one I am sure I am supposed to hate the shadow in the foreground, but I don’t. I tried cropping it to get rid of it, but I don’t know, what can I say? I like it.

So, at the end of that I didn’t really feel like I had found anything especially beautiful and as the final in the May Photo series, I was disappointed. I didn’t really want to submit ANY of them as the thing I found to be beautiful.

Then, 1 hour ago, I found this in the bath.