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July Photo Challenge: Colour Series – Red, 6. ‘Where is that kid’s mother?’

Crossing the ferry W was exploring.


I am…wondering where we can go next.


Photographing Babies

I read an article on photographing babies recently that suggested shooting them while they slept. I thought that I should give it a go since a) I have a baby and b) he slept today at a time when I didn’t mind if he woke up!

I am happy with the results although the light was casting shadows in odd places. I am biased though, he is my baby and there is nothing more enticing than your own baby’s ‘sleeping face’.
I tried to use B&W where I could however I was drawn to the colour shots again.




I am…in love.

I am… enjoying the long weekend away

My husband is a teacher. This weekend he had to write school reports which is always very hard for him with two little people that want his attention more often than not. So I took them away to Waikerie in the Riverland. I couldn’t take many photos because my iPhone was going flat and I had forgot my charger, but today I knew I was coming home and only needed enough charge for an emergency call in case of disaster so I took a few before I left. I really noticed that some sort of zoom lense would have been useful, but I never get sick of the back of my son’s head and you don’t need to zoom on that, heheh.

I also put in another photo of W sitting. I had a closer look and I loved it.

Composition Experimentation, No. 1

The first point given in the list of points about composition in photography was,

‘1. Be clear on your subject. What story are you trying to tell with the photo?’

I decided to start with what I know…sort of. This is my son W. He is clearly the subject. I wanted to take a photo that spoke about the experience of babies. They are always put somewhere to watch or be entertained by others. I often wonder about his experience of life and what he thinks about watching and waiting. He never likes to be left passive for long. He is a participator and I am sure he will be more satisfied when he has more control over his actions.


I am not sure it is necessarily a good photo, but I am learning.

I am… at the playground

I took the boys to the playground on the way home today. It was a consolation really, we had been going to meet people and we had a car disaster so it was the playground on the way home or nothing. They didn’t mind too much. I, of course, whipped out old trusty and started taking photos…


It’s hard to get a good shot when you can hardly see the screen.


I’m pretty sure there would be a fairly strict composition rule about not having a great big whopping line through someone’s head. oh well?!

May Photo Challenge – 31. something beautiful

Farewell May Photo Challenge, it has been fun and EYE OPENING! I had hoped to find the most beautiful place on my drive to Murray Bridge today and photograph it. It is still in my mind this photograph, a small cottage in a rural gumtree setting with smoke coming from the chimney and hovering around the ground in black and white. I will find you one day and photograph you!!!

Anyway, I did see many beautiful things on my drive…but my baby was asleep in the back and sacrifices had to be made, namely that I couldnt stop or he would wake up. Oh dear.

I decided it would be OK because I was going to the Murray River which is beautiful and there would be plenty of photo opportunities. When I got to the river front my OTHER son fell asleep AND the riverfront was…um uninspiring. Perhaps there is an outstanding river front there somewhere, but it was NOT where I was.

So I took a photo of the bridge which I thought had interesting lines.


Then I decided to find a playground to have lunch in Mt Barker on the way home and I did think these leaves were quite beautiful so I took a couple of shots.



I was getting desperate by now and decided to stop into Hougton on the way home thinking it is one of the most beautiful little places I know (I have SEEN mist sit in that valley). I found an old windmill, but couldn’t get into the field to photograph it properly. I ended up with this


and this,


Interesting, not particularly even good photos! Then I tried this thinking that it was a lovely building and colours.



The last one I am sure I am supposed to hate the shadow in the foreground, but I don’t. I tried cropping it to get rid of it, but I don’t know, what can I say? I like it.

So, at the end of that I didn’t really feel like I had found anything especially beautiful and as the final in the May Photo series, I was disappointed. I didn’t really want to submit ANY of them as the thing I found to be beautiful.

Then, 1 hour ago, I found this in the bath.



I am… at it again

All of my photos pretty much are taken on my iPhone, mainly because it’s always with me and anything I see that I think is interesting in some way gets photographed. Sometimes they work, others definitely not. Sometimes I get frustrated because I can’t capture what I want and it’s a bit limiting with no zoom. Anyway here’s a few of the photos I took in the last few days that I liked for whatever reason. (sometimes I have no idea why I even like a particular shot!)










I am… taking photos of my kids

While I was outside exploring my backyard this morning I came across a rock next to our shed that was essentially a shade of yellow and I was looking for something blue to put inthe photo. I turned around and stared at my son’s gumboots which were a very bright shade of blue and so I asked him to sit near the rock. That turned into him “posing” for me (running away from me while I chased him with the camera) and then I got a shot or two of W when he woke up. My favourite subjects.







May Photo Challenge – 19. a favourite place

One of my favourite places is my nursery. It’s decorated for me more than the baby because I am the one who appreciates it most. It’s still has things babies like. My son loves the canary decals and the reflective light on the wallpaper amuses him too. Mainly he likes the way the light plays on the ceiling whether it’s from the light or the sun behind the curtains. These photos (I couldn’t decide which to use so I did both) are taken from my feeding chair which looks out the window. This room feels like my sanctuary.