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The Producers

While I was looking for windows I found these. I felt it was less about windows than I liked but still worth sharing.
Here is the Waikerie Packing Shed.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

I knew what I wanted to photograph for geometry at the start of the challenge, but it took me until yesterday to get an opportunity to go to the building. An urban pyramid fits the bill nicely.

I also found my house made a nice triangle and inverted parabola thanks to my picket fence (who knew it would be so useful in so many photographic challenges?!).

And finally although I would usually use this as a texture photo, technically the shapes within (the curves and diamond) are geometric. And I loved the photo so I included it. I hope you do too. Enjoy 🙂


October Photo Challenge: In your town

These are a few things around the corner from where I live.

I wouldn’t call where I live a ‘town’ exactly. Its more of a city. The capital city of South Australia, although as far as capital cities go it is kind of town-like. Its one of the things I like most about Adelaide. It has everything you need without massive traffic and exorbitant costs of living. I can also drive 5 minutes up the road and hit the country of the Adelaide Hills. Ahhh, fresh air and country living. I dream of moving just that bit further out of the city to a country lifestyle while still being within easy driving distance of the city. If I just had less exotic hobbies I could move away from the cementscape altogether, but alas my tastes are just not mainstream.

The good thing about city living is the feast of interesting and varied subject matter to photograph!

Photography: from the car window

My ongoing struggle is balancing photographing the things I see with making sure my kids don’t get unhappy. Often I will be out driving them to an excursion destination and I will see something and the questions arises, ‘Do I stop and take the photo or keep driving?’. You see I tend to drive to coincide with nap times. They need the naps to keep them, and therefore me, sane. I did try once pulling the car over, leaving the motor running and music playing hoping that they would think we were still moving and keep sleeping. I snuck out, took my photo in under a minute and when I hopped back in the car they were both sitting there wide awake in the back.

So, although I know people say its sacriligeous to take a photo on the run out of the window of your car, at times I do. Because of this new way of looking at things I no longer mind being stuck at the traffic lights. I have a good look around and often find beauty that I might otherwise miss.

I thought I would share with you a few of the things I have found from the car window.

This the back of an inner city backpackers. I was on my way to the zoo with the kids when I was forced to stop at the lights to turn right across the traffic. I am glad I did. It looks nearly mediterranean.
I shot this purely for the sunlight making beautiful colour on the house. In the end I loved the silhouette of the car just as much. I quite like that you can see the shadow of the traffic lights too. It gives it context.
Another photo taken for the setting sun. I am often going home from the supermarket as the sun sets and I am always running late. Good for finding beautiful light though.
I actually pulled off the road to take this one. I didn’t get out of the car though. The carpark was empty. I thought it was a bold colour choice for a building.
I saw these cranes from the road and went in search of them. I stumbled upon the road that led to the base. It was near a dock and I was able to manouvre the car to get the right angle.
This shed was near the cranes. Literally opposite. In case you are wondering if I accidentally forgot to straighten the photo? No, I decided the slightly off angle suited the quirkyness of the building. I suppose it is personal choice. I don’t think things always need to be perfectly straight.
This was taken trying to kill a bit of time once I had got close to an excursion destination, but the boys were not awake yet so I had a bit of an explore from the car. I loved this area with the industrial factories and machinery. I could tell the man in the photo was wondering what I was doing. Reverse and forward, reverse and forward, lap..all to get a usable angle. Haha, if nothing else this one makes me smile at the memory of the expression on his face!

I am… probably hanging out the window of a car right now…somewhere.

Photography: using what presents itself

Here are the photos from our weekend trip to Manum on the River Murray. I had a great day! My family had a great day too. My family think it is pretty funny when I have to stop the car to take a photo of something random like a building or reeds. E says to me “Mum! Stop taking photos!!” I reply, “Mum can’t stop taking photos, she sees so many interesting things, lines, shapes, colours, she has to capture it!” He looks at me blankly and runs off to play. Hopefully he will like looking back on our family adventures when he is older.