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Hide and Seek

I’m sure he thought I couldn’t see him.

2014 08 31 CATE001


Six Word Story Challenge: Pets

“Love and warmth given. Expected nothing.”

Marion at Figments of a Dutchess had this challenge posted on her blog when I randomly came across it just now. She asked us to write a story about pets consisting of only six words. My story popped into my head immediately. Its not something I have done before, but why not?

Geese wanted to eat my lens!

Do you see the defiance in those beady eyes?!! That one in the front was clearly the mastermind. I’m convinced the feather display behind was to psych me into dropping my camera and running away therefore leaving them to eat the lens . You can’t out psych me goose. Although your beady eyes still haunt me.

geese 2 geese at broken cliffs grass reeds

These were a few more shots from my time at Broken Cliffs. I love the ‘lightness’ in the last image.

Travel Theme: Animals

All of these animal photos appeal to me because of the textures I see.

Hiss. Not sure what else to say except he is LOOKING AT ME!!!

A few of my other favourite animal photos. Sorry for any of you who have seen them before, The first is the image I use for the header of my page. Its a pelican (my favourite bird).

The second was the opening shot I did for my September Macro Month/Post a day Challenge. I found this little guy in my garden. Caterpillars aren’t generally welcome, but this photo got this one a stay of execution. Lucky him.

A few photos from my week

In the ongoing attempt to learn how to use the DSLR I have been snapping everything! I have only had an opportunity to look at some of the photos, but I thought I would share a couple. I am finding that I am over exposing many images mainly due to not trusting the meter. Oh well, practise, practise, practise.

I have visited Waikerie in the Riverland and saw this house from a roadside lookout. I think I was supposed to be looking the other direction at the cliffs by the river, but the light wasn’t right in that direction.
Also in Waikerie we took the opportunity to take some (more) photos of the boys.
This is my favourite! Gotta love Dads.
This is a very old flamingo that lives at Adelaide Zoo. Thanks for posing flamingo.




W is for want

W is for want. This is the face of someone who really wants me to stop taking photos and give her a scratch.



This is the face of my son W. I love this portrait for the biscuit on his face. Happiness is a smiley face covered in biscuit.

W is also for wonderful, which is what I think about W.

E is for embrace

E is for embrace and enduring love that knows no end.

This is a baby white cheeked Gibbon. She is female. It is the first baby Gibbon born at the Adelaide Zoo. As she grows older when she reaches adolescence she will change into the black colour of a male. When she is then ready to mate she will again change her colour back to the white of her mother.

Gibbons are a critically endangered species. Their numbers in the wild have declined by 80% in the last 45 years.

As yet she does not have a name. Do you have any suggestions?

Portraits from the zoo

I went to the zoo with my boys this week. It was cold and windy. Most of the animals were asleep or sheltering from the weather. These are the meager results of those that were accessible without a zoom.

Fortunately I have become a member this year so I will be visiting regularly. Surely on at least one trip they will be awake/looking at me/visible??

This is Wang Wang (the a is an “uh” sound not a hard “a”). He lives in his own enclosure at the Adelaide Zoo. His ‘partner’ Funi occupies the opposite enclosure. I don’t know enough about Pandas, but I guess they only get together on “special occasions”.

My favourite photo from the zoo. This guy struck a pose and held it while I put an iphone in his face and waited for it to focus and take the shot.  Thanks Pelican you made my day.

This is a different pelican, but I liked the jetty.

I don’t even know what this bird is, but I can feel him rolling his eyes at me. He was very obliging though, stood still. I was so close and he didn’t flinch. I love his eyes. So dramatic.

I couldn’t get close to the monkeys, but I had to include a monkey photo because they were the only things moving at the zoo! That and I love their little faces.

I am…on a mini adventure!

I love Sunday. We are all home and it’s a great opportunity to go on a day trip to discover some of the area surrounding where we live.

We decided to take the boys to see the Whispering Wall outside Tanunda in the Barossa Valley. It’s highly under rated as a tourist attraction. Most people look blankly at you if you mention it and it isn’t sign posted well. Exactly what I like in a tourist spot!

As always I took some photos along the way. I tried to continue my experimentation with black and white where I could. I still have many instances where I discard colour information and then reverse it when I can’t bring myself to leave it that way! But I did manage to keep some black and white (inhale deeply and exhale slowly).

Here are a few moments of a day I enjoyed.

W at the wall. He didn’t take the cue and started talking quite loudly. He did entertain the other people at the dam.

The most elaborate pigeon perch I have seen (I have no idea what I actually was).


The waters of the reservoir.

I thought that was an odd spot to build a structure?!


Yes, it is a tap. Riveting isn’t it? Imagine what the other people at the dam were thinking as I photographed the tap on the toilet block wall, heheh

E played Hide and Seek.

E also managed to get wet socks so they spent the rest of the day flapping out the window as we drove.

The boys had to explore the rotunda in Tanunda.

W waited very patiently while I helped E take his own photo…this is what he came up with

I thought it was pretty good!

On the drive home I spotted some horses close to the road and since I never get to photograph animals I thought I would stop.

After a scratch (they were very friendly) I started clicking. Of course the ones that were the most friendly were wearing coats which I didn’t want, but I managed to get a couple.



It was the best day I have had in a long time. R and I used to go off ‘adventuring’ all the time before we had kids and got busy with life and work. It was fun to take the boys along on our adventures. I hope they will grow up with fond memories of ‘the adventures they went on when they were little with Mum and Dad’.

I am…happy.