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Weekly Photo Challenge: through my eyes

The world as it appeared to me standing by the jetty of Lake Bonney in Barmera, South Australia. I was using my camera phone but still trying to find the best perspective. What do you think? A, B, C or D?









Which appeals to you most?


Do I need to be carrying an extendable ladder in my handbag?…seriously!

I was out driving again. I drove down a road through some farming country and there was a whopping, great tractor ploughing (or what ever it was actually doing?!) a field. Great shot! I pulled over the car which woke up the kids (damn it, predictable!) grabbed my iphone and tried to see the vision in my head through the phone screen…nope.

I was not high enough. It started me looking. I have been known to climb hills, trees or whatever else is around to get the right angle. I have been heckled by men drinking beer while I have been balancing on my husband’s shoulders to get that angle. By the side of the road in the middle of nowhere there was no climbing to be done.

So my question is this,

Do photographers carry a ladder with them?

It may or may not sound ridiculous to the photographers amongst us, but I would love to know what people do to get the right angle?!

Now I will have to dream of that tractor and it will haunt me until I get another equally good shot of a tractor. If I had just had a ladder I couldĀ  be haunted by something more interesting…like sea views….. or chocolate cake.