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C is for clap

He thinks he is very clever. His clap is a command for us to comply.

C is also for cows.

And condensation



Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple, COMBINED with Daily ABC challenge!

I said that I would try to combine my photo a day alphabet with the WordPress weekly photo challenge. This week’s theme is purple and as far as I can tell it finishes tomorrow! So I thought I had better add one. I will try to combine the two once a week.

B is for bottle, in which this purple water lies. It is part of 5 coloured water glitter bottles I made for my kids.


And the August challenge will be…

A is for August.

I have decided that my August challenge will be the ABC’s of August. You may be thinking, “but there are only 26 letters in the alphabet?!”

It is true.

To combat the alphabet trying to thwart my challenge before I even start I will be enlisting the use of numbers after z.

HA! take that alphabet!!