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Sometimes the composition is more interesting than the subject.

What makes us push the shutter? It isn’t always the subject that interests us.

I took this macro shot of a snail shell in an autumn leaf in my garden. The draw for me is purely the combination of shapes and colours. It really appeals to me.

2014 05 15 snail


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

My life is all about holding onto fleeting, precious moments. As mum with two young children and a passion for capturing those moments with photography I never get an opportunity twice. My subjects don’t cooperate and have no concept if keepubv these times to look back on in the future. Often the images that appeal to me (particularly recently) are abstract in some way. This one shows the joy of a family working together to create a working windmill.


Portrait of a Pelican

I wanted to share a few of my personal favourite photos. I have mentioned before that I love Pelicans and I had an opportunity to photograph one at close proximity. I love the sense of intimacy I feel in these photos. I realise the first one is a bit abstract, but it is one of my favourites of all the photos I have taken. I would have liked the second image to be fractionally lower to include all of the bill, but it just didn’t work out.