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Macro Month: Day 5

This sorry excuse for a geranium flower looks beautiful from a distance for its amazing red colour (the very reason it has a place in my garden), but it is on its way out. It is dying, the petals are torn and darkening and covered in mud after a rainy winter. When I went to photograph it, it was for its colour, but I was delighted to find this tiny surprise upon looking closely. It pays to take the time to stop and look. We miss so much.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

I am not very urban. I grew up in the country in a small rural environment. Photos of the streets where I grew up would include farms, fruit trees, dirt tracks, river views and lots of open space filled with Mallee scrub. I thought it best to try to photograph the area I now live which is in the city.

I left the house last night.

You might think that is neither here nor there, but for a mum with two small kids that is like travelling to Mars for a cup of coffee. Anyway, while I was out I thought I had better seize the day (or night in this instance).

My iphone gets a bit grainy at night, but you can see them well enough. I know you’re not supposed to edit them, but that last one needed black and white or the trolley got lost. Sorry.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

As I said earlier, I have been plagued by the general disappointment of my first effort for merge. It was OK.

While the boys napped this afternoon I ran outside determined to get something better for merge.

I thought about photography styles and how I could merge two things that didn’t naturally go together and come up with something at least a bit harmonious. I had my yard and my house to work with. My house (with two young boys in it) is FULL of toys. I thought I would see if I could combine them harmoniously into my yard.

Here they are.

Flowering agave.

Alternate view of the flowering agave.

Ladybug on agave.

I am…satisfied. Now I can sleep.

Weekly Photo Challenge: merge

After looking into the photographer that set the theme of merge this week, I understood it to ask to combine two things that might not traditionally go together and see what the resulting photo would be. I thought that was a GREAT challenge! As often happens I had a few ideas, none that were practical for me to achieve with my kids in tow in a week! I had to set aside my desire to find a couple getting married and ask them to go and have a coffee at a cafe in a busy street so I could photograph them and consider what I could actually achieve. I actually couldn’t even leave the house because it was pouring with rain outside and my kids would want to come. I had a look at some different photography styles to consider what I could merge and left my kids in the lounge room to play. I came back to a MESS! In the 15minutes I had done research they had played with EVERY toy and the result looked like a bomb had gone off in my livingroom. I decided to take a photo of the chaos from up high and see if I could turn them into miniatures like in tilt shift photography.

I had NO IDEA how to do that having only first heard of it in the 15minutes I was on the computer. As I always do I found a tutorial on how it was done here and set about turning my mini tornadoes into miniature.

To be honest if I had other options I would not be sharing this as it doesn’t really seem like a good photo or example, but I am a bit worried that with two sick boys, bad weather and a challenging theme I will have nothing done by the end of the week so here it is.

An average household scene in miniature.

I still live in hope that I can find a free minute and do better than that. I always live in hope.

I am…off to clean up the livingroom.

Weekly Photo Challenge: wrong

When I saw the challenge this week I thought ‘Oh no! I am going to find that hard!’ Then I thought that was the point! So I stopped worrying and figured something would present itself sooner or later.

Here it is. My son E pretending to be a superhero. I couldn’t get him to hold still and the light in the room was awful. It made for a really wrong portrait. I found it kind of an interesting result though.


Here is the closest I got to right. It had great potential.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

As a final comment on growth I wanted to highlight myself. I started taking photos in May with my first photo challenge. I have been taking and blogging photos everyday in the last 3 and a half months to try to improve. The first photo I took was using the prompt peace. Here it is in all its glory.

Look at that photographic genius! haha

Here are a couple I took the other day with the same iphone.

They might not be perfect, but in my opinion they definitely show growth.

G is for graffiti

I drive past this old abandoned shed weekly. It is in a rural setting and is so out of place. The colour is what draws me to it. I have been meaning to stop and take a photo of it for ages and G was the perfect excuse.

I was also thinking about the WordPress weekly photo challenge theme of growth. In an odd way the graffiti has contributed to the growth of the shed it adorns. It is clearly abandoned. Walls are falling down, the structure is decaying and left to itself it would fall down and eventually be forgotten. The graffiti has drawn the attention of hundreds if not thousands of passing motorists to it in effect giving it new life, a chance to become something…else.

I consider that to be growth. As much spiritual evolution as a building is capable of.