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I was looking through my Instagram feed yesterday and really enjoyed looking at old photos I had forgotten I had taken. If you’re on Instagram too you can find me as Midsommereve.


I thought this grouping actually worked pretty well as one!


Photography: Documenting the Tum

I am pregnant. Very pregnant. So pregnant that my husband now laughs at how big the tummy has become. You see the rest of my body hasn’t changed. Photoshop out the tummy and I would look like I did before this pregnancy.

I felt like I wanted to document the tummy. This will be our last pregnancy and its size needed capturing, but I’m not really into glamourizing it (pregnancy for a mum of two young kids and another on the way is not glamorous) and the image wouldn’t represent the situation at all. I also wanted to stay true to my lack of time. So I have used my camera phone and not my DSLR.
I decided to use a documentary or lifestyle type shot to just capture a moment.

I quite liked it and then tried a few filters for fun. Somehow the colour version seemed too personal to share?! Anyway, at least there is a record of the gigantic tum!…and my son’s interest in it.



Six Word Story Challenge: Pets

“Love and warmth given. Expected nothing.”

Marion at Figments of a Dutchess had this challenge posted on her blog when I randomly came across it just now. She asked us to write a story about pets consisting of only six words. My story popped into my head immediately. Its not something I have done before, but why not?

This face makes me happy.

Today I have been married for 5 years. I have nearly known R for a decade. In five years we have packed in so many life events I think his head is still spinning! For a person who doesn’t like change he is doing remarkably well adjusting to life with me.

The secret to our happy marriage is that we both think that we got the best end of the deal when we met each other. You know how sometimes you think another person is better than you in every way? Well we BOTH think that. We both feel like we have scored the deal of the century! It makes for great respect and never taking each other for granted.


By the way he will be horrified that he is appearing up this close on my blog.


Help to make someone else’s New Year dreams come true.

A couple of years ago I decided to start a new family tradition. Every year we would donate $25 to Kiva is a charity that loans donated money to people living in poverty who are trying to help better their situation. As a family at Christmas we sit down and read through the profiles of people needing a loan then loan them the money. Every year the money is given and is repaid. Then we loan the money to someone new. We could as easily ask for the money to be given back into our account, but we don’t need it at the moment and I like to think that as we continue to give we can help more and more people.

If you have ever thought about giving to a charity I recommend checking it out. There is nothing like the gift of helping someone help themself because it will keep on giving long after our $25 is gone.

How KIVA works

You can check out KIVA through this link.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I don’t actually believe in making resolutions at the start of the New Year. Inevitably it is broken sooner or later and who needs to add pressure to themself in that way? In general I do resolve to accept people as they are and work with their personality traits and characteristics rather than battle against them. I am also resolved to continue learning about the craft of photography and to improve myself through my learning. If I fall off the wagon I am also resolved to be gentle to myself. I will not be hard on myself, I will just get back to it and keep going. Kind of like when you see a catwalk model take a huge dive in the middle of their performance and they pop back up just as though nothing has happened. Finally, I am resolved to love the things in life that make us human, not perfect. I will try to focus on and capture these things through my lens.

This photo is of my son W whose resolve was very firmly to go out the back door where he was not allowed to go at the time. He is expressing his dissatisfaction.

W resolve

It’s pretty devastating when you can’t go out the back door.

OOOaaaaahhhhhrrrgggg bleeeuurrrgggghhhhhh!

Hmmm. It would appear that my love of the summer holidays is more of a participate than document on a blog thing.

It reminds me of an incident that occurred in my early twenties when I decided that it would be a great idea to walk my cat on a lead much in the same way you  might walk a dog. I got out the newly bought harness and decided to do a trial around the small front yard of the town house I was living in at the time. Fast forward 5 minutes to me trying to walk and the cat in the harness lying on the ground immobile. I tried a few steps to get the cat to stand up and it just lay there being dragged by the harness. Needless to say I stopped. A young woman dragging a cat around a yard on a harness is not a good look regardless that the cat would of been quite comfortable.

In the same way I have been dragging my blog through the Christmas season, posting photos on my iPhone when I could, but it is lying down and does’t want to move. I am all about going with the flow of life so I am letting my blog lie down and rest. I WILL STILL BE POSTING PHOTOS! Just not daily, particularly in January. I will be outside, playing with my kids, having cups of tea with my husband, photographing everything and enjoying the weather. When February comes around I might try using the WordPress challenge as a weekly prompt and post anything else that I photograph and want to share with you all.

Watch this space! I bet I will get creative now and want to post a whole heap of photos!…and I got lens’ and a tripod for Christmas….you know what that means!

A few photos I have taken in the past few days.

macro bees

roadside memorial

native bee