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I am… taking photos of my kids

While I was outside exploring my backyard this morning I came across a rock next to our shed that was essentially a shade of yellow and I was looking for something blue to put inthe photo. I turned around and stared at my son’s gumboots which were a very bright shade of blue and so I asked him to sit near the rock. That turned into him “posing” for me (running away from me while I chased him with the camera) and then I got a shot or two of W when he woke up. My favourite subjects.







I am… looking more closely at my backyard

While W had his morning nap, R, E & myself went out into our backyard for a cup of tea. R & E practically inhaled theirs as usual and not idle by nature, decided to go off composting leaving me to finish my cup of tea alone and ponder what to do next.

While checking my email on my iphone I looked up and noticed the pattern the moss growing on the roof tiles made and then I noticed a water droplet hanging from a succulent. I decided to grab my ‘professional photographer’s’ hat and equipment (my iphone – haha) and it turned into a photography session.

Here are a few of the pictures I took this morning.











May Photo Challenge – 19. a favourite place

One of my favourite places is my nursery. It’s decorated for me more than the baby because I am the one who appreciates it most. It’s still has things babies like. My son loves the canary decals and the reflective light on the wallpaper amuses him too. Mainly he likes the way the light plays on the ceiling whether it’s from the light or the sun behind the curtains. These photos (I couldn’t decide which to use so I did both) are taken from my feeding chair which looks out the window. This room feels like my sanctuary.



May Photo Challenge – 18. something you made

There are oodles of things around me I have made, most of them though have been for my children. This pincushion was the first thing I sewed for myself and I love it. I use it nearly daily, so it’s USEFUL and I LOVE the combination of colours and patterns. Everyone needs a pincushion that makes them happy.


May Photo Challenge – 17. snack

When I presented a broken YoYo like this to E who is 2 yesterday, he told me “No Mum, I need a different biscuit”. I think he would only eat biscuits if he had his way. After a full breakfast of more porridge than I could eat, he always tries to tell me he needs something else. “Would you like some fruit E?”, “No, I need a biscuit”. Cheeky.