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October Photo Challenge: 31. anything you choose

I was able to take a photo of anything today. Here is my little superhero on Halloween.

And a few taken during my photography class tonight. I WAS listening, but you can’t put a camera on a desk in front of me and expect me not to take photos.

I hope you enjoyed October Photo Challenge. As always I love to hear your feedback!

As of tomorrow Elemental November is starting and Week 1 in November is Earth. Its not necessarily a photo a day, but I will be taking as many or as little photos using the element of Earth as I see during the week. If you want to join me tag your photos #elementalnovember. I’d love to see your interpretations. Alternatively you can also leave a link to your photo in the comments.

Happy Halloween! For the more traditional amongst us in the northern hemisphere Happy Samhain! And for anyone in the southern hemisphere Happy Beltane (technically for the 7th of November)!


October Photo Challenge: 28. moon (2)

While R and I were out having our cup of tea tonight we noticed, in the perfectly clear night sky, the man in the moon watching us. I think he was wishing he could have a cup of chai.

October Photo Challenge: 27. looking back

Oops. OK so forgetting to post my photo on the day once since May isn’t too bad. I’m cutting myself some slack. It looks like the October challenge is hobbling to a close!

Here is yesterday’s prompt looking back. In more ways than one! I had to look back through the archives when I realised I forgot to find something suitable.

November is coming: What to do for the next challenge?

The months seem to be going by faster and faster at this time of the year. November is already nearly here and so I need another photo challenge! I can’t say I have been that impressed with my efforts this month. I think I enjoyed the May photo challenge more. Perhaps it was because I had done it before and so I was less inspired?

Anyway, I think before I challenge myself fully with my December Photo Challenge, The Christmas List, I need to have a chilled out, flexible month. So I have decided to make it Elemental November. For each week in November I will be taking photos of each of the elements. Week 1: Earth, Week 2: Air, Week 3: Fire & Week 4: Water. And I will take a weekend break for the remaining two days before December starts and the silly season is upon us!

If you want to join in you can. Take as many or as few photos as you like. Tag your photos #elementalnovember so I (and anyone else who is interested) can find them and you can leave a link in the comments to your photos. I would love to see them.

October Photo Challenge: 26. listening to…just another Mum blogger

No photo today. WHAT?! I think you failed today’s challenge.

It is a protest.

It is true that a photo challenge should include a photo, but I don’t have one of what I am about to mention and although I don’t usually post things like this, several days later it is still irritating me so instead of a photo you get an argument.

For anyone who is left reading after that last statement, I was watching a program called Media Watch the other night in Australia. The main purpose of the program is to find mistakes or poor journalistic morals in the current news items running on Australian media to highlight the problems with them and keep them honest.

I have no problem with the show normally. I enjoy watching it enough that it is something I watch most weeks, BUT the presenter last week flippantly threw out a phrase that irks me.

‘So we are subjected to another Mum blogger.’

Here is WHY it bothers me.

The word ‘subjected’ is obviously my main issue. It is insulting to me that somehow Mums blogging are offensive.

I happen to be a mum who blogs.

Shouldn’t mothers who manage to find the time to research and write about things that matter to them be applauded not only for excellent time management skills, but also undertaking what amounts to voluntary study and education with out any expectation of a payoff in the end? I suppose I am thinking of myself when I write that, but I am trying to educate myself in the area of photography and practising my developing skills and I use my blog to journal my efforts. Being a mother can be isolating so I get great feedback from other people with more knowledge than I have in this area. My blog entries are my equivalent of handing up an assignment.

I think it equates to other areas too. It might be a subject blog or a blog that focuses on one or more of the many aspects of mothering and educating children. I still think that the content is as interesting to one person as another subject is interesting to another person. Why then are Mum bloggers singled out as flippantly wasting valuable space in the bloggosphere. The statement assumes Mums who dare to blog are forcing unwitting people to be subjected to the pressumed always tedious and mundane experience that staying at home provides.

Sure the pay for the hours worked is SH@#!, but how many other careers offer the flexibility of choosing your location daily based on the weather and your mood. Or offer the opportunity to undertake a (very) longterm project with sole (nearly) responsibility for the outcome and the impact of the result can mean the world to someone.

In the end no one is subjected to anything in the bloggosphere. You can always choose not to read or look. But it isn’t OK to trivialise the existence of a mother or to tell her its not OK share her experience. And it is worth listening, you might learn something.

That is what I listened to.


October Photo Challenge: 25. people

and its NOT my family!…mainly

The gigantic octopus kite was a show stopper.

I love this photo for all the mini stories going on. If you look closely there are people doing all sorts of things.

These 3 men who were flying the kite had the unappealing job of trying to pack it away.

I loved taking a photo of these people taking a family photo at the beach. It was quite an event.

October Photo Challenge: 24. weather

Oh man!

This is the second time I have been prompted to take a photo of the weather and this time (just as the other time) the weather was, well, non-descript. It was hot. “The sun!” I hear you thinking. No. There was no sun. It was overcast. “The clouds! They have great light and dark properties.” Again, no. They were uniformly grey with very little by way of light, dark or even dicernible shapes. It WAS windy…for about 20 seconds. Just long enough for me to run inside and grab the camera and come back to still trees. Here in a nutshell was the weather where I am today.

Mmmm, blanket grey. The thing photographic dreams are made of. Detect sarcasm?

In fact I felt so bad about posting today’s weather photo I thought I had better post a couple of other photos from today just to un-depress you!

The one interesting thing about today’s weather was the light. There was a third ‘golden hour’ at about 10am. It must have been the way the cloud cover interacted with the sun, but I was at the supermarket (minus the camera!) and couldn’t maximise the opportunity. You should have seen the eyes bug out of my head though! I was trying to work out how I could get home faster. Again at about 7pm we had lovely colour as the sun set. I arrived at my photography class early and happened to park in front of an ornate fence that I thought I could get some photography practise on and was delighted when I looked THROUGH the fence into the most detailed, well cared for garden I have ever seen. It wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste, but it was so unexpected it was a lovely surprise. It was someone’s sanctuary hidden right on a main road.

And it had one of my favourite roses growing. A red, climbing David Austin. The detail is beautiful.

When I think of the grey clouds I follow it up by thinking about the red roses and I am happy.