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Macro Month: Day 10

I was inspired by a blog on wordpress that I follow to take this photo. After reading Leanne Cole’s post ‘Death Flower‘ I was walking outside in my garden and noticed that my lilys were also flowering so I grabbed my iPhone and had a look at them in a different way.

Macro Month: Day 9

These pins look more like nails up this close and I decided to share this photo especially because of the fluff that is visible on one of the pins! I also enjoy the texture. You can see the individual cotton threads in the cotton fabric. Who knew a pincushion would be an interesting macro? Look around you, I bet you could take heaps of great macro shots just of the things around you.

Macro Month: Day 8

This is another flower that looks much better close up. These grow under my window in boggy soil in full shade. I threw some seeds in in frustration at NOTHING growing and most of what I threw in there didn’t grow either. Months later these popped up. They are actually pretty straggly looking, but they put some colour in my garden and I do love colour. I continue to be amazed by the intricate beauty of flowers.

Macro Month: Day 7

This is the flower of rocket. You know the salad leaf? Well, when you grow it and don’t eat it all it goes to flower and this is the result. I love the powdery, visible pollen. Although I must say that the flowers are competing with the bright yellow flowers of the pak choy next to it in the garden bed and the bees much prefer the pak choy.

Macro Month: Day 6

When I took the photo of my snow pea flower earlier I saw the beginnings of what is referred to as ‘green candy’ in our house. Mainly because it is the only way we can get E to eat them, but the pod is called the ‘wrapper’. The wrapper is my favourite part and I was excited to see the start of what I consider to be the tastiest plant in the vegetable garden.

I love this photo because when I look at it I see a tiny, delicate beginning and when you look closely it is beautiful. It is nearly a shame I will be eating it.

Macro Month: Day 5

This sorry excuse for a geranium flower looks beautiful from a distance for its amazing red colour (the very reason it has a place in my garden), but it is on its way out. It is dying, the petals are torn and darkening and covered in mud after a rainy winter. When I went to photograph it, it was for its colour, but I was delighted to find this tiny surprise upon looking closely. It pays to take the time to stop and look. We miss so much.


Macro Month: Day 2

This flower looks so sophisticated. Its hard to believe it is the flower of the snow peas growing in my vegetable garden.

image taken with an iPhone and macro lens

This is one of my favourites. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I am enjoying finding and photographing them.

Good Morning September! It’s Macro Month – Day 1

I have woken up to a beautiful Spring day! The sun is shining. There is a gentle breeze. Interestingly we have had a quick Spring clean (first time I have ever done that!) and out into the garden to clean that one up too. It was a good thing we made that decision because that is where I met the subject of my first Macro Month shot. I don’t think he even minded having an iPhone put in his face. He quite happily continued on his way. Pretty sure I will have to go back and remove him from the garden, but he was given a few hours repreival in payment for his portrait. Thanks Mr Fuzzy.

Caterpillar taken with iPhone and $3 macro lens

All images in Macro Month will be taken with an iPhone and $3 macro lens.