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Weekly Photo Challenge: humanity

What makes us human? To me it is the emotions that we feel and the way we convey them to others. That is why I decided to focus on portraits. I love to freeze those beautiful reactions in time. From my perspective, the more you can connect to and feel the emotion you are viewing in my images, the more I feel I have been successful in my job.

2014 09 12 CLEM001 By the way, the secret to success with kids aged 3 onward is to just say….. bottom


Super…little guy

This is out the front of our house. Its as close to the street as my son is allowed to go without supervision. Ever since I Photoshopped him in his cape into a cityscape he has been obsessed with me photographing him as a superhero. That is him being very serious about superheroing. Followed by him being very serious about preventing me photographing him at all by rolling around on the ground. Fortunately it only takes a fraction of a second to get him when he checked to see if I was still watching.

BLOG superheroBLOG superhero 2

Limited Subject Possibilities, Look Harder.

I saw a tutorial today that suggested that you should never start out your photography with children. I have no choice, but I have felt that trying to take good photos of my children, who (like all other kids) do not cooperate and often actively try to prevent you getting a good photo, has forced me to look harder, try to be quicker to get a decent photo. I made a pact with myself when I got my DSLR that I would start out using manual mode and that was that. Its hard to believe that that was only a bit over a year ago! Since then I have kept my word. My camera can’t go over 800 ISO without producing noise so I do find it challenging, but I suspect that the hunt is what has kept and will continue to keep me interested in photography.

These are a few of the recent portraits I have taken of my kids (the only subjects available to me).

2014 02 27 CLEM005

I have tried to focus on different aspects and styles to increase my creativity.

2014 02 27 CLEM003

It has only recently occurred to me that I can create art with my camera.

2014 02 27 CLEM001

2014 02 27 CLEM0022014 02 27 CLEM004I want to push myself. As my kids get older I can’t wait to get out and see where my personal characteristics and limitations will take me.

2014 02 27 CLEM006

Meeting Miss A

Not long ago I photographed my first maternity session for friends of mine. Not long after (about a week) Miss A was born. I had the opportunity to meet her today and photograph her and her family on the outside.

Here are a few of the first photos.

baby-photography-portraitbaby-portraitchild-portraitchild-portraitdocumentary-baby-snailfamily-portraitI’m looking forward to getting to have a look at the rest!

New Skills, a New Blog Name and a New Facebook Page

New Skills, a New Blog Name and a New Facebook Page

You are still in the right place! I have been rethinking my blog. It seems to be predominately about photography now as I become more obsessed at getting better at this. So I have renamed my blog to suit and given it a facelift. I have also decided to start a facebook page to relieve my personal facebook friends from having to see the many photos I post on facebook!

You can find me here:

Here is Baby E helping me to practise a new skill. I have been wondering how to photograph babies in a studio setup without having a studio. A sheet on the floor worked quite nicely.