Limited Subject Possibilities, Look Harder.

I saw a tutorial today that suggested that you should never start out your photography with children. I have no choice, but I have felt that trying to take good photos of my children, who (like all other kids) do not cooperate and often actively try to prevent you getting a good photo, has forced me to look harder, try to be quicker to get a decent photo. I made a pact with myself when I got my DSLR that I would start out using manual mode and that was that. Its hard to believe that that was only a bit over a year ago! Since then I have kept my word. My camera can’t go over 800 ISO without producing noise so I do find it challenging, but I suspect that the hunt is what has kept and will continue to keep me interested in photography.

These are a few of the recent portraits I have taken of my kids (the only subjects available to me).

2014 02 27 CLEM005

I have tried to focus on different aspects and styles to increase my creativity.

2014 02 27 CLEM003

It has only recently occurred to me that I can create art with my camera.

2014 02 27 CLEM001

2014 02 27 CLEM0022014 02 27 CLEM004I want to push myself. As my kids get older I can’t wait to get out and see where my personal characteristics and limitations will take me.

2014 02 27 CLEM006


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