Australian Summer: Bushfires

Well, we are on fire again. Not in that good way, as in “you’re on fire!”, but in that literal way. That way isn’t good.

My husband and I were out driving yesterday after a night of lightning storms. We stopped at Lake Bonney in Barmera in South Australia to take a few photos of the bushfire not far away.

There are numerous bushfires across SA at the moment. The extreme high temperatures seem to have set the country alight…again.

If you live in an area prone to bushfires it is important to have a bushfire plan. Changing your plans at the last minute can be fatal, so make a decision early and stick to it. Listen to the local emergency radio station for updates and advice on a battery powered device. If you are unsure about your plan perhaps take it to visit your local fire station and ask their opinion on its effectiveness.

Stay safe. My thoughts are with the people in the fire affected areas and those who volunteer to risk their lives defending them.



Ideally, don’t leave your dog tethered to a jetty with no water in extreme temperatures while you are swimming.



I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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