The 25 Days of Christmas: 26. what now?

I got a macro lens and an off camera flash for Christmas. In my free time I will try to learn to use them properly!

First attempt. Not good. I do love the closeness though.



2 thoughts on “The 25 Days of Christmas: 26. what now?”

  1. I treated myself to a new camera – lots of fun learning how to use our gadgets. Disagree – this close-up is very good, both in colour and out of worldness!

    1. Have fun getting to know your new camera! Its a bit of a black hole isn’t it? The never ending list of what you would like to buy next. 😉 Thanks for the comment on the photo. I suspect I will be endlessly chasing the sharpness in an image. The DOF is so small it will definitely give me lots to practise this year!

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