Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

My habit is photographing everything in my day…everyday…when I should be doing other things. Here are a few from today.






What did we do before we had smartphones? My Galaxy and its macro attachment are never far from my hand. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer my DSLR, but I struggle to fit it in my pocket the same way my Galaxy can.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit”

  1. Your phone photos are brilliant! I have an iPhone 4 and it’s nothing as good though my daughters iPhone 5 is much better, the macro shots are really great 🙂

    1. Thanks Barbara 🙂 I had an iPhone 4 before my Galaxy and I found the cheap $2 macro attachment I got off ebay pretty good! Its a bit addictive though, all of a sudden you can find hundreds of photo opportunities in every square metre. I need more free time!!

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