The First Time I Have Photographed Anyone Other Than Family!

Friends of mine are expecting a new arrival…very…soon. Unfortunately they were unable to organise the photographer who they used to take the maternity photos for them of their first child. So I offered to take a few shots for them. I have never photographed anyone other than my kids who are used to Mum chasing them around while they try to hide from me. I was a bit nervous that I would take a million photos and get nothing good enough for them to use. I am happy to say that I think some of them worked out quite well despite battling the light and I have learned that you need to pre-scout for a good location. All in all it was a great learning experience which I enjoyed thoroughly and I hope that I was able to help out my friends.

Here are a few of the results of my first ever maternity/family photo shoot. I have loved trying to capture the personalities and the emotion.

Edit DSC_6646 alt crop col web

Edit DSC_6657 alt bw web

Edit DSC_6541 crop web

Edit DSC_6535 alt web

Edit DSC_6510 alt web

Edit DSC_6507 alt web


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