Looking for Light: exploring shadow

I have been feeling in a bit of a photography funk recently. A lack of opportunity to get out with my camera resulted in me losing confidence. I had only just started to learn anyway, but I expected that there would be some sort of lull.

I have recently started to take photos again. Mostly on my phone because that is what is with me. I would love an hour to photograph a subject that would pose for me, but I have neither the hour or the subject so my DSLR and its manual settings will have to wait for now (most of the time).

I am focusing on the basics again. Today while my boys played at the playground they gave me a flower. I took a few photos to explore the different effect the angle of light created. I knew I was supposed to try to light the face, but in this case I really liked the effect created by the shadows on the flower. It created depth and interest in my mind.

Lighting the face


Shadowy interest



4 thoughts on “Looking for Light: exploring shadow”

  1. sometimes the camera seems tired of having to take the same old shots! Your back to basics approach is refreshingly lovely and simple

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

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