Before my human family there was and still is S.

Long before I met my husband and I had my children I made my own little family. This is S. She has a heart condition and is much older than she was ever expected to be. Isn’t she beautiful? Her quiet, gentle nature is tested by my boys who are the antithesis of her. I suspect the look on her face is something to do with that? Poor S, she just wants to lie in the sun and soak up the warmth in peace.



4 thoughts on “Before my human family there was and still is S.”

  1. I too have a older-than-she-looks kitty. Mine is blind and somewhat senile but this has not stopped her at all. She might not be able to chase toys any more but she is still as snuggly as ever. I know our time is running out so I make sure every moment counts. I hope S brings you as much joy as Boston brings me.

    1. Thanks for your comment 🙂 Her heart condition doesn’t seem to affect her at all thankfully. Her sweet, gentle disposition always makes me happy. I only wish I had more time for her. With young kids its difficult to get to the toilet let alone get time for cuddles 😉 Boston sounds like a great cat. I am sure she is happy she has a guardian who cares so much about her 🙂

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